Ben Pomerantz, LCSW is the President of Healing Strategiessm, an organization that teaches clinical hypnosis to health care professionals.  He also teaches at USC’s Graduate School of Social Work.  In addition to his private clinical practice in which he sees adults, children and couples, Ben has developed expertise in working with children and adolescents with tic disorder and/or Tourette’s Disorder. He also has helped both professional and amateur athletes to improve their performance.   

        Ben is the founder of “Attention Aerobics” an innovative program that teaches children and adolescents attention skills.  This program, which Ben has taught in several classes at UCLA’s University Elementary School among others, shows children how to develop their ability to sustain attention longer, nimbly move attention to where it’s needed, quickly and capably shift attention away from distractions and many other useful skills.    

        He, along with several colleagues, have devised an original treatment method which teaches children effective, enjoyable behavioral skills that allow them to successfully manage or completely avoid both verbal and motor tics without the need to take medications.  He and his colleagues have presented on this at Pediatric Grand Rounds at Cedars-Sinai Hospital and in the Department of Psychiatry at UCLA.